wood / paper / laminate

The most renowned chipboard manufacturers are among our customers - various innovative systems have already been implemented.

Automatic testing laboratory

The system is used for perpendicular tensile strength testing of MDF, HDF, OSB and chipboard according to EN319 as well as for surface soundness testing according to EN311.

A major advantage is the repeatability of the tests. In contrast to manual/ partially automated testing, the adhesive quantity and pattern, curing time, contact pressure and centering are reproducible. It can be used around the clock, 7 days a week and the results can be immediately transferred to production. It is easy to operate and can also be operated by staff from outside the laboratory. An increased production speed, the reduction of glue in the production process, as well as a reduced reject rate lead to a short payback period for the test laboratory.

Destructive as well as non- destructive tests can be imaged. These are processed, among other things, with a test station for perpendicular tensile strength test and surface soundness test, optional a raw density profile measurement system, microwave measurement system and OSB board adhesive station.

Automatic laminate cutting machine

The machine is used for trimming and strip cutting of laminates in production. 

The advantage over existing machines is the automatic adjustment of the 5 cutting tracks within 15 seconds. In addition, a separate cutter head was developed, which considerably simplifies the changing of the cutting edges. The fast adjustment of the cutting track during production by a highly dynamic linear motor system in combination with a mechanical coupling allows a drastic reduction of scrap.

Automatic laminate stacking

The first fully automatic solution for stacking laminate blanks.

The system is used for stacking laminate blanks, which are cut to length directly from an endless roll. The vacuum conveyor belt specially developed by us for this application takes the blanks and conveys them to the pallet on wich they have to be stacked. In order to be able to remove the completely stacked pallet, two stacking levels were built, between wich switching takes place.

We developed and patented our own vacuum conveyor belt, in which self- closing valves were integrated directly into the belt.

This automatically closes unoccupied suction pockets to increase the suction power of the covered suction pockets. This makes it possible to convey large- area elements (paper, laminate, cardboard, thin sheet, etc..) without loss of vacuum power.