Conveying equipment

All of our conveyor components are modular in design - therefore they are very fast to assemble and convert is possible. Conveyor speed, width, length and drive type are designed to meet your requirements.


We offer:

  • roller conveyors
  • curve conveyors
  • accumulating conveyors
  • pusher
  • stacking systems
  • belt conveyors
  • chain conveyors
  • cross conveyors
  • Lifting and lowering stations
  • turning stations
  • palletizing systems
  • overhead tracks
  • vacuum conveyors

Special vacuum conveyor belts

The vacuum conveyor belts were developed to compensate for the loss of vacuum power during long conveying distances. For this purpose, mechanically self- closing valves were developed which are riveted directly into the conveyor belt. The vacuum channel is only released where material is also conveyed. This makes it possible to build very long or wide vacuum conveyor belts without having to drastically increase the suction power. They also enable the overhead conveying of large- area parts in various weight classes. Due to the high suction power at the individual cups, very fast conveying speeds can also be achieved.