We offer automated robot loading systems made to the customer´s specifications for various production parts and machines. Our goal is to implement a complete solution including ERP connection, security, parts handling and additional stations according to requirements. Where standard solutions stop, we start!

SYN ROBOT RPS SYSTEM - automation of various CNC machines.

The system is used for loading various CNC machines and can be flexibly extended with additional stations.

The SYN ROBOT RPS - robotic palletizing system enables flexible loading and unloading of various processing machines such as CNC milling machines, CNC lathes, forging machines, etc. The patented, flexible pallet system from SYNEX TECH can be adapted to a wide variety of part geometries. Furthermore, it impresses with its simplicity and robustness. With the order module programmed by SYNEX TECH, which has been embedded in an appealing visualization and can be linked to various ERP systems as well as other customer databases, operation of the loading system becomes child's play and even batch sizes of 1 piece are no problem. The choice of robot brand depends on the customer's requirements. Additional stations for processing (deburring, engraving, etc.) or control (measuring, optical control by camera, etc.) of the manufactured part are also no problem and are developed and integrated into the system according to customer requirements.

Our main focus is to advise the customer, both in the selection of robot brands and in the development of the manufacturing process (selection of the processing machine).

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Automation emag vertical turning machine vl 8 duo line

The plant is used for loading a VL8 DUO line vertical turning machine for the production of steel sleeves and nuts.

We developed special steel pallets that can be automated and are loaded and unloaded by a robot. A double gripper system was developed to cover the customer´s enormous variety of parts without having to change grippers. In addition, a needle embossing station, an automatic gripper changing station and a various interface connections (ERP, Emag) were implemented at the customer´s request. The simple structure of our solution, as well as the possible independent extension of the systems by the customer offer a flexible, quickly amortizing solution.


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