We offer automated robot loading systems made to the customer´s specifications for various production parts and machines. Our goal is to implement a complete solution including ERP connection, security, parts handling and additional stations according to requirements. Where standard solutions stop, we start!

Automation emag vertical turning machine vl 8 duo line

The plant is used for loading a VL8 DUO line vertical turning machine for the production of steel sleeves and nuts.

We developed special steel pallets that can be automated and are loaded and unloaded by a robot. A double gripper system was developed to cover the customer´s enormous variety of parts without having to change grippers. In addition, a needle embossing station, an automatic gripper changing station and a various interface connections (ERP, Emag) were implemented at the customer´s request. The simple structure of our solution, as well as the possible independent extension of the systems by the customer offer a flexible, quickly amortizing solution.